VectorVest is software designed to simplify and automate your way of picking and
selling stocks and strategies. So that what would normally take hours takes only minutes.
It does this by calculating two measures of value for each stock in our database.

The first measure is Value; a measure of a stock’s current worth. It factors in
discounted cash flows, earnings, earnings growth, profitability, inflation
and interest rates. The second measure is called Relative Value (RV); it’s a measure
of a stock’s long-term price appreciation potential.
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VectorVest has a limited time offer of a 5 weeks for under US $10
(approx AUD $14). You can find more information in a pdf Here.

And if you let us know that you are going to trial it we’ll ring you
after 4 weeks to see if you are happy with it or if there’s anything
you’d like our help with.

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