Risk Insurance

At Capital and Finance we are passionate about providing strategic insurance advice to our clients to ensure their protection covers their specific needs and circumstances, their families and businesses.

What are your priorities?

A comprehensive risk insurance strategy is a strong foundation upon which you can build and protect your wealth. For example, most people have a lifestyle plan which is built around their income, if something happens and you no longer have that income then there is suddenly no plan!

Most people have insurance for their home and motor vehicle, but fail to cover their most valuable assets – their life and their ability to earn income over the long term.

A Lifewise/ NATSEM study reveals that 70.5% of Australians have car insurance but only 17.4% take out life cover. Over 50% have home and contents insurance but less than 7% protect their income and only 5.5% hold total and personal disability insurance.

If you think you have satisfactorily addressed your insurance cover because you have life insurance in your superannuation fund, you are likely to be underinsured. The average amount of Life Insurance cover held in individual superannuation plans is $70,000. If the unexpected did occur, how far does you insurance go towards helping you and your family meet your basic living expenses such as your mortgage, groceries, petrol or school fees.

Our solutions are needs based, not sales based

Making sure we really understand your needs before we make a recommendation is as important to us as it is to our clients. It means that we can apply that knowledge to solutions that are not only well constructed, but also more cost efficient.

A range of insurance partners

As a privately owned financial services company, Capital and Finance is not bound to a specific provider. We have established relationships with a variety of insurance companies. They have been selected because they meet two very important criteria.

  1. They offer highly competitive products
  2. They provide an excellent claims service

We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive advice that is in their interests and meets their need to protect themselves, their families and their businesses whilst managing the cost of doing so.

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