Estate Planning

Growing your estate takes time and effort
– don’t throw it away through bad advice

Estate Planning is MORE than a Will.
It’s about:

  • Protecting the assets you have worked hard to acquire
  • The safe and smooth transfer of assets to your loved ones
  • and minimising tax
  • .. in short estate planning is about your peace of mind.

    An effective Estate Plan should:

    • give you certainty as to how your assets will be managed if you are incapacitated
      and unable to look after your own affairs
    • establish how and when it’s best to distribute assets to your loved ones
    • cater for the current and future needs of your beneficiaries
    • protect your assets so that they pass to the right beneficiaries at the right time

    Our clients have maximum peace of mind knowing that their tailored estate strategy
    has been carefully developed between a team of highly experienced legal professionals,
    financial advisers and tax experts.

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