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  1. Should I Consolidate My Super?

    Turn on your TV, read any number of personal finance magazines, or browse the internet for superannuation funds, and chances are you will be inundated with invitations to ‘consolidate your super’. So, is this something you should be doing and do you really need to consolidate your super? It is a well-known fact that Australians […]

  2. Capital and Finance: September 2017 Update

    Here are some articles we thought you would find helpful from the September 2017 issue of ‘Prepare for Life’. Including: Does ‘transition to retirement’ still work? – Many readers will be familiar with a popular superannuation strategy referred to as ‘transition to retirement’. However, with the superannuation reforms that were introduced from 1 July 2017, […]

  3. Don’t ignore Super till it’s too late

    Next year is already shaping up to be a very big year, particularly in the superannuation space! Lots of exciting things will be happening! You may be aware that the 2016 Federal Budget contained far-reaching announcements affecting superannuation – perhaps the biggest changes since Peter Costello’s budget back in 2006. Although the changes were announced […]

  4. Christmas An increase in cheer and a decrease in funds

    Did you know that the most generous people in Australia (when it comes to spending money at Christmas time) live in New South Wales (NSW) with an average spend that month of $548 per person and, sorry, but the people from Victoria are actually amongst the cheapest!, with an average spend of only $401.(1) The […]

  5. Prepare for Life: December 2016

    We would like to share with you the December 2016 issue of Prepare for Life. In this issue: On the brink of another shake up – You may be aware: a person’s Age and/or Service Pension entitlement is based on an assets and an income test. In the 2015 budget the government announced a major […]

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