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  1. Manage Your Debt, Don’t Let It Manage You

    We all borrow money to buy things when we don’t have the money to pay the full purchase price. Most people borrow to buy personal assets like a home but you can also borrow to access investment opportunities to help grow your wealth. But not all debt is the same and it is important to […]

  2. How to trade on over 100 market centers in 24 countries‏

    And why now is a great time to look Overseas! With Australian bank deposit interest rates at record lows, shares are now more and more popular with investors, looking to increase long term gains. Easily invest in overseas blue chip stocks like Google, Apple, McDonalds or Alibaba, and help diversify your investments from just Australia. […]

  3. High-frequency trading on regulators’ radar

    High-frequency trading is one of the biggest developments on global share markets since tickertape machines were replaced by computers. While traders and regulators argue the merits of the trend, the challenge for private investors is to understand what it means for them. High-frequency trading – or HFT for short – uses powerful computer algorithms and […]

  4. SMSF

    What is an SMSF? “SMSF” stands for Self Managed Super Fund. An SMSF is a personal superannuation fund used to accumulate superannuation savings for retirement benefits and investments. They operate in the same way as a commercial super fund, but the difference is that the trustee, or trustees, is a member of the fund. Alternatively, […]

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