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  1. Does ‘transition to retirement’ or TTR, still work?

    Like so many questions involving superannuation, the answer is ‘it depends’.   Here is a great article about the advantages and disadvantages of the transition to retirement or TTR by Peter Kelly from the September 2017 Prepare for Life Publication. Many readers will be familiar with a popular superannuation strategy referred to as ‘transition to […]


    Hardly a week goes by without the mainstream media mentioning superannuation. It certainly remains at the forefront of many conversations around the country at the moment! The changes to superannuation that were announced in the 2016 Budget have now (mostly) made their way into legislation. While a lot of attention has been given to the […]

  3. Elder Care and Seniors Support

    Support and assistance for older Australians Here are the details of some organisations for seniors around Australia that can help you or your family if you need information or other support. National seniors organisations Australian Capital Territory seniors organisations Northern Territory seniors organisations New South Wales seniors organisations Queensland seniors organisations South Australia seniors organisations […]

  4. Aged Care

    Options and levels of care If you are looking for aged care services for yourself or for a family member there are a lot of things to consider and options to explore. Here we explain the different types of aged care services available and how to work out what they might cost. Where to start when […]

  5. Paying for your Funeral

    Funerals in Australia can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000 depending on whether they are simple or elaborate. If you want to make things easier for your family by paying in advance for your funeral here are some options to consider: How much does a funeral cost? Super and other ways to pay for funerals […]

  6. Your Money

    Money and your retirement Your retirement income needs to see you all the way to the end of your life. The first step in your retirement planning starts here: read our tips and find out what government benefits might apply to you. Government benefits and concessions Government loans Money management Scams and bad-value investments Family […]

  7. Retirement triggers

    What prompts one person to retire at 50 and another to work until they’re 80? ASIC’s 2010 research showed that it’s more complicated than simply loving or hating your job. There are a number of retirement triggers that cause people to retire earlier than they expect. Unhappy with work Most of us have thought about […]

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