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Capital Global Investments

Why invest with CGI?

At Capital Global Investments (CGI), we use a unique stock analysis and portfolio management system, that analyses over 23,000 stocks each day for relative value, safety and timing… the 3 factors that we think are most important!

We are 100% Australian owned and have been operating for over 15 years throughout Australia. Our experienced advisers are experts at wealth management and we have a simple goal – to deliver the best product at the lowest cost to the investor, while at the same time offering the highest possible level of customer service.

CGI’s technologically advanced trading platform gives you direct access to 100 market centres across 24 different countries and allows you to trade stocks, options, futures, FX, and bonds over the web, phone, email, iPad or smartphone – all for the same low cost!

If you need to speak to someone, simply give us a call on 1300 359 916 and an experienced adviser will be available to help you.

Try VectorVest for 5 weeks free

Why We Use VectorVest

Using VectorVest’s proprietary system, you can check every stock for value, safety and timing (RV, RS and RT) with just a few clicks. And more. You can check low-priced stocks. You can check “blue-chips.” You can check entire industries and sectors. It only takes about 20 seconds to check a sector or individual stock and rank them to get clear and powerful BUY, SELL or HOLD signals. You can also check other parameters, including P/E ratios, dividend yields, high earnings growth rates and more. Accuracy, objectivity and speed are the hallmarks of VectorVest investing.

VectorVest has a limited time offer of a 5 week subscription for under US $10 (approx AUD $14) as mentioned above.

Or you can find more information or signup HERE

. Click Here for more information about VectorVest

And if you let us know that you are going to trial it we’ll ring you after 4 weeks to see if you are happy with it or if there’s anything you’d like our help with.

Five weeks to see for yourself what kind of results you can get using this uniquely simple, powerful system. Clear BUY, SELL, HOLD signals. No second guessing. Deep market intelligence. Timely indications for timely moves. Check it out for yourself. Hands-on. Five full weeks. Under $15.

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