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“John Threfall from Capital and finance introduced my wife and myself to many tax effective
wealth maximisation strategies that have been applied to our personal investments, business investments,
and on our self managed super fund.

Every person is different financially, and I liked the fact that John charges a one off fee
and he doesn’t have any affiliation to financial institution as some planners do.

John listens to your story, your needs, and what you require and then provides options and advice
structured to best meet your current and future financial requirements.

Business associates and friends have told me horrid stories of the wrong financial advice causing ruin
and that is why I use John to avoid this.

John has ensured that all my super and business investments are compliant and structured to the letter of the law.
John is always available, explains difficult financial and legal concepts such as trustee legal requirements,
in a way that everyone understands.

My personal financial knowledge is large having several business degrees and running my own business,
but I am not a financial expert and nothing beats a real and wide industry experience.

Listening to John’s advice, I have been able to restructure house loans, and business and super investment loans
to ensure my investments are working harder to reach my retirement goals at an earlier stage in life.

John has helped mums and dads and larger organisations to tailor their investments strategies to maximise wealth
and to solve quite difficult current financial issues through applying his wealth of international business
and financial knowledge to each person’s goals and situations.

He’s very good at helping someone like me think about the future and nobody wants to be dependent on welfare when they retire.”

Glen. C. – Sylvania


“Hi, My name is Paul Hughes.

I was first introduced to John Threlfall, Capital and Finance, by a mutual friend that suggested John could help me.
Martyn said John was very knowledgeable, well connected, a straight talker, trustworthy and honest.
When I first met John approx 3.5 years ago my friend was correct, he was all of the above and more.

John Threlfall’s guidance has been invaluable and because of John’s advice and help we can now look forward
to our financial future. John, and his team, have always been very informative, courteous and professional
throughout the whole process and was always available to provide relevant help and advice on all related matters.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending John and his team at Capital and Finance to anyone
who is looking to set up their financial plan for the future.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk with me personally.”


Paul.H.- Caringbah

(If you wish to contact Paul please feel free to ask John for his contact detaiils)


What I find good about John Threlfall’s approach is that it is measured and methodical. He asked the right questions
and built up a profile of our personal and financial situation prior to offering any products or services.
The ‘after’ sales and customer service provided by his staff is also another hidden benefit when you are trying
to navigate your way through this process.

John has helped us by assisting us to firstly set up our SMSF with an initial investment strategy based upon acquiring
a new rental property in Brisbane. The structure and regimes required within the establishment of the SMSF has provided
us with more appropriate income and life insurance provisions and estate planning, together with a more targeted
approach to retirement financial planning.

We would happily recommend John and his company to anyone looking for sound and thoughtful financial advice.

Chris. W. – Wentworth Point

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