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We are always trialling new financial services, on the look out for one's

that we feel comfortable enough to recommend to our clients for features

and services they may find relevant.

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What Makes Us Different?

Capital and Finance is a privately owned boutique financial services company with its own Financial Services License and Australian Credit License (number 269868).

What this means to you is that no financial institution has any controlling interest in Capital and Finance and we are not affiliated in any way with any adviser group, life company or financial institution.

This gives us the complete freedom to choose from a huge variety of financial products to meet your individual needs.

Our philosophy is to professionally match our hand-picked services to your financial goals during your changing life stages; to build, protect and sustain your wealth.

When you deal with Capital and Finance you are dealing directly with our most experienced and qualified advisors.



The Principal of Capital and Finance is a Financial Planning Association Member

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) has a Code of Ethics that it requires all its members to follow (see link below).

At Capital and Finance we take all these codes very seriously, and our priority when giving advice, is to place your interests first!


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